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Understanding Whole Life Assurance: A Lifetime of Protection

Whole Life Assurance is more than just an insurance policy; it's a lifelong commitment to your family's financial security. But what makes it stand out in a sea of insurance options?

For starters, Whole Life Assurance guarantees coverage for your entire lifetime, not just a set term. This means as long as the premiums are paid, your beneficiaries will receive the death benefit, irrespective of when you pass away. Unlike term life policies, which expire after a certain period, whole life is a permanent solution.

Additionally, Whole Life Assurance comes with a cash value component. Part of your premium contributes to this cash value, which grows tax-deferred over time. Not only does this serve as a potential savings or investment opportunity, but you can also borrow against it should the need arise.

Moreover, the premiums for Whole Life Assurance remain constant. You'll pay the same amount now as you will decades later, providing predictable costs without the worry of rate hikes.

In conclusion, Whole Life Assurance offers enduring peace of mind, with lifelong coverage, a growing cash value, and stable premiums. Ensure your loved ones' financial future and consider the lasting benefits of Whole Life Assurance today.

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*£8 per month quoted rates are based on whole of life cover for non-smokers with no pre-existing medical conditions or other high-risk factors. Individual factors and medical underwriting will be assessed which may vary the premium and sum assured you are eligible for or may result in you being declined.

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Correct as on 1st March 2023:

£5,437 sum assured – 30-year-old born in 1993 (Zurich)

£4,624 sum assured – 35-year-old born in 1988 (Zurich

 £3,931 sum assured – 40-year-old born in 1983 (Zurich)

£3,345 sum assured – 45-year-old born in 1978 (Zurich)

£3,137 sum assured – 50-year-old born in 1973 (Zurich)

£2,655 sum assured – 55-year-old born in 1968 (Zurich)

£2,277 sum assured – 60-year-old born in 1963 (Zurich)

£1,799 sum assured – 65-year-old born in 1958 (Zurich)

£1,374 sum assured – 70-year-old born in 1953 (Zurich)

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